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Improve the speed, security and scalability of your WordPress site by migrating to CloudPress. Test and see the difference on a temporary URL first; this won’t affect your current site.

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Fill out the short form below. We will start as soon as possible.

Step 2

Our team migrates your site to a temporary test URL.

Step 3

Test the improved version of your site using the test URL.

Step 4

After approval, we will do another sync and share your DNS settings.

Step 5

Change the DNS settings at your domain provider, and you're live!

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Free migration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find the answers to questions frequently asked about the free migration to our WordPress hosting platform. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

We offer unlimited free migrations from other providers to CloudPress. So whether you need to move just 1 or hundreds of WordPress sites, our team is happy to help with the migration.

Yes! When we migrate a WordPress site for you, we always make it available on temporary URL first. You can use this URL to test your site, and let us know about any issues you may find.

Your current site won’t be impacted and won’t be changed during testing.

It depends, but most of the times we can.

Due to security reasons, the minimum PHP version that we support is currently 8.1. This means that older versions of WordPress, plugins and themes might not work on CloudPress.

However, during the migration we try to make your site compatible with the latest PHP version by updating and fixing your site. This sometimes might require that you renew licenses for certain premium themes and plugins.

We do quite a few migrations every week, but usually we can transfer your site within a few days up to maximum a week.

If you need your site to be migrated urgently, for example if your site has issues or if your contract with your current provider expires, then please let us know. We will try our best to migrate your site as soon as possible.

We need to have access to the control panel of your current provider. If you don’t have that, then access to the wp-admin area of your site is usually sufficient.

Are you not sure who your current provider is? Please contact us, and we can try to find out.

If you are for any reason not happy with the test result after our migration, then please let us know.

We will work with you to fix the issues. If that doesn’t lead to a satisfying result, then we can cancel the migration and delete the test environment. Of course there won’t be any costs involved for you.