Revamped interface

This Thursday, we are scheduling an upgrade for CloudPress that will launch with some amazing new features. The upgrade will take place after 19:00 CET, during this time the CloudPress portal will not be available. Sites will be unaffected by the upgrade.

New interface

There are a couple of new features that are being released with this update. The biggest change is the completely revamped interface. The new interface features a better, more intuitive and organized user experience.

Notification system

When performing an action, previously the system wouldn’t give good enough feedback about the action you were performing such as adding a domain, taking a backup or restarting a site. Now, we have introduced a new system that will give you feedback if your desired action has been completed successfully, or if something went wrong; wherever you are in the portal. No more refreshing to see if your backup completed successfully!

Minor changes and improvements

Other noteworthy improvements include;

  • Improvements to the domain interface
  • Multi-Factor Authentication using TOTP and/or passkeys
  • Ability to take and restore backups